Use of ewe lapalapa

Use of ewe lapalapa

On the very top of the mountains of Oahu and the extremely wet peaks of Mt.

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Waialeale on Kauai lives a tree that Western US hikers might think was a relative of aspen trees. While unrelated, the tree known as Lapalapa resembles Quaking Aspen trees because of the nature of the petiole, the connection of the leaf to the stem. The petioles are flattened which makes the leaves flap in the wind.

Thus, the Hawaiian name for the plant is a kind of onomatopoeia. Five of those species are endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. Its only found in very wet forests of Kauai and Oahu.

This species is a small tree that rarely reaches 30 feet in height. The leaves are opposite and palmately compound. Fruit is dark purple. Thus, it was an important tree for Hawaiians that were forced to spend the night in the cold and wet upland forests. The fruit, leaves, and bark of these trees were used to make a bluish dye for staining kapa cloth. The leaves were used in Hawaiian leis. When the tree is cut it gives off a strong carrot-like odor.

This odor was used to scent mamaki kapa. Rob is an ecologist from the University of Hawaii. He is also an award-winning filmmaker. As principle director of Untamed Science productions his goal is to create videos and content that are both entertaining and educational. When he's not making science content, he races slalom kayaks and skydives. Untamed Science. Facebook Twitter Youtube. Biodiversity Lapalapa. Lapalapa Cheirodendron platyphyllum A Hawaiian Aspen-like tree On the very top of the mountains of Oahu and the extremely wet peaks of Mt.

General Description This species is a small tree that rarely reaches 30 feet in height. Choose one of the following categories to see related pages:. Share this Page.I would really appreciate your contributions,thanks. I do appreciate your response. You should have added "and Fathers" to the title: Some of us fathers know as much about these baby things as the mothers, if not more in some cases!

That's what I used for my son when he was in similar situation. Once the leaves are dried enough, you boil and use it to bath your baby. I used it along side funbactA cream and sheabutter.

Worked well for me. Though a lot of people use it these days and testify that it works well, that does not mean it is good for babies' tender skin. Please confirm with your baby's doctor before using it next time.

I think even adults have to use it sparingly. That is most likely what your doctor will recommend. But like chaircover said, it's best to let the baby's ddoctor have a look at the skin and give a proper diagnosis. Take your baby to hospital let they doctor give antibiotic injection for three days.

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It will help kill they once inside. You also buy clamocin antibiotic and mix it properly and give him for seven days.

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Buy visita plus and use it on his body. It will clear before 3 days. Take care. The treatment is generally anti fungal preparations applied to the skin. Antibiotics will NOT work because it is not a bacterial infection. Any doctor that prescribes antibiotics for Ela should be dumped immediately.

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Also, in general please never administer oral antibiotics without a recommendation from a doctor. They could make it worse and could change the appearance making it harder for a doctor to figure out what it is.

If it looks like it, then clotrimazole is a pretty mild, safe and effective medication. There is pretty much no downside to trying it unless you inadvertently buy a fake one that contains other stuff. My sister had ela and that's what she used whenever it came on. If it does not look like those images, then it is probably not ela and is something else.

If you are still confused, please just take the baby to a doctor. Absolutely nothing wrong with having a professional look at it and give you answers.By Tunde Aug 09,am 1. Tanimola not real names residing in Oba-Ile, Akure recently bought Fufu a starchy meal made from cassava for lunch but few minutes after the meal, they developed stomach ache until they received medical attention.

Then they remembered that the Fufu they ate was having strange odour and vowed never to eat it again unless they prepared it themselves. There are many others like them who are facing different health challenges as a result of consumption of poisonous Fufu as it has been established in recent times that during processing cassava used for making Fufu, processors in a bit to cut corners and make more profits have devised mixing hypo, detergents and potash with their cassava while being soaked for fermentation.

Fufu, which serve as staple food for most homes today is becoming a silent killer due to unhealthy practices arising from attempt to cut corners and make more profit. To get more facts, this reporter visited the popular Fufu market at Oke- Lisa Street adjacent A-Division in Akure very early in the morning, pretending to be a cassava producer who needs more information on the processing steps.

She interacted with those who brought the already prepared Fufu into the market and explained that she ran into huge loss in her first attempt because she was not well educated on what to do to make the processed cassava rise and that she did not want the same story to repeat itself the second time. One of the women then educated the reporter that after sieving the cassava into big plastic container, she should put Jatropha Curcas leaves Ewe Lapalapa on it and leave it for days to rise.

She then told the woman that she added the leaves the first time but yielded no result. She was told that if she could add detergent or hypo it will hasten the fermentation process but that she needed direction on when to use it and the quantity to be used. Immediately this reporter said this, one of the women reacted that they were not using hypo or detergent for fermentation and she left in annoyance but the second woman opened up and said that they use them.

Cassava processors from Ilu -Abo, Owode, Ogbese, Igbara -Oke, Igbara -Odo, Ifaki -Ekiti and environs who bring them to sell in this market all indulge in the act of adding chemicals to soak cassava for fermentation. They also add chemicals to ferment cassava in other states in fact, all states are guilty of this. This reporter visited Owode in Oba-Ile and met some of the cassava processors in various open processing centres but none of them was ready to answer any question on how they go about the processing.

This led the reporter to visit some people around the area who also declined comments. Then, a man who was sighted around the area was approached though, reluctant initially to attend to the reporter but when told that it was a project work on what to do for processed cassava to rise and ferment quickly, he agreed to cooperate as he divulged the secret.

Taju as he was called claimed not to be living at Owode but goes there whenever he has job to do in the area being an artisan revealed that a lot happened during the processing of cassava into Fufu which according to him is harmful to human health. On if every cassava processor does it, he said that 95 per cent of them engage in it to make more gains. Some of them Cassava processors wake up early in the morning to perpetrate the evil act so that they will not be seen by anybody.


The reason for this is because people want to survive anyhow and I think it is high time our government addressed this to save innocent people from untimely death. In the submission of a Fufu seller at Oba -Ile who simply gave her name as Blessing, she revealed to this reporter that those who engage in such act are the local cassava processors from different villages in the Akure suburbs who later sell to those who will turn the already processed cassava into Fufu for consumption.

The only way to avoid being a victim is for consumers to make Fufu themselves or sniff any Fufu before they buy to be sure of the odour.

Another Fufu seller, in her mid 60s who simply want to be called Mama when asked if she was aware of poisonous Fufu in circulation explained that she was not aware and that she has never bought such Fufu since she ventured into the business because she always perceive the odour of any processed cassava before paying for it.

I sniff any processed cassava before making the payment, and any one with different normal odour expected from cassava will not be bought because I also eat out of it including my children and grandchildren. She traced consumption of Fufu mixed with hypo, detergents or potash to series of increase terminal diseases around.

How can people be so wicked to the extent of mixing chemicals with cassava? No wonder the causes of most diseases are unknown. Many patients could not even explain how they became victims of some ailments after being diagnosed because they do not have the history of such in their families. It is better we raise the alarm so that people will be careful of what they consume.

There should be awareness regarding killer Fufu for people to be cautious. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Home Business Fufu consumers beware: Producers mix product with hypo, detergents and potash with cassava to ferment. Business News News Update Fufu consumers beware: Producers mix product with hypo, detergents and potash with cassava to ferment By Tunde Aug 09,am 1 0.Hi there! My name is Heather and this is my yarn company.

We're a small business that designs fun-to-knit patterns and sells great yarn. You can find Ewe Ewe yarns and patterns at a local yarn shop near you or right here on this website.

Have a question? Email me! Hey, get to know Ewe Ewe! Learn about us Common knitting abbreviations Pattern support or ask a question Layout of a Ewe Ewe pattern Find a stockist Shipping and returns.

Find a color curated knitting kit with the yarn and pattern. Color Combo:. Add To Cart. Sporty Forty Yarn Kits Nectar Scarf Knitting Kit Snowfall Cowl Yarn Kit Tilted Tiles Yarn Kit Rocket Pop Yarn Kits Compatto Cowl Yarn Kits Color Way:. Fluffy Fingering Merino Yarn. Ewe So Sporty Merino Yarn. Wooly Worsted Merino Yarn. Baa Baa Bulky Merino Yarn. Find a free knitting or crochet pattern you might enjoy, my treat! Grow your creativity and knitting knowledge at my blog.

What to Make: Tilted Tiles shawl. Heather's Happenings: March 9, Instagram: Follow eweeweyarns. All the other awesome stuff. Who are are Ewe Ewe? Learn about us Common knitting abbreviations Pattern support or ask a question Layout of a Ewe Ewe pattern Find a stockist Shipping and returns Wholesale info. Email Address. Sign Up.IN the past two years, one out of ten cases of female problems has been fibroid. Ladies, especially newly married women experiencing difficulties in getting pregnant have been diagnosed as having growth in one part or the other in their female reproductory organs.

Another ailment or disease very common now in our society is staphylococcus and its related problems. These two diseases mentioned herein pose hindrance to conception by any woman.

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In the past, gonorrhea had been precursor to syphilis, if not well treated and so on. But nowadays, staphylococcus may be related to more serious sexually transmitted diseases resulting in infertility in both male and female. Experience has revealed to me personally that most cases of infertility can be thrinned down to chronic infection and that once this aspect of treatment has been taken care of, the remaining problem can be easily tackled successfully.

What is a fibroid growth? And how does it manifest? Fibroid growth can be described as a growth particularly in the womb or other part of the female reproductory organs. The fibroid growth contains muscles and tissues.

Sometimes, it is lodged in the ovary, stomach, uterus, etc. There are various shapes and sizes of fibroid and some are as big as a five month old baby.

Indeed, recently, from a research I made and discussions with a traditional healer he told me that he could use a different method of treatment that could change a fibroid growth to turn to a baby. I did not doubt him as there could be reasoning in his discovery. He went further to explain that formation of fibrous tissues must have started with the mixing of sperms infection that is heavily infected ones with traces of long-term infections consolidating and becoming growth.

Also I did not doubt his further statement of his as I felt it was subject to further research work. The discussions arose out of seeking further knowledge as to the approach to treatment of fibroids or growth in female organs weekly.

In the past, traditional and other healers have treated cases of fibroids and other growths, especially in the female organs successfully. I do not personally recommend surgical removal until a case becomes special by the positioning of the growth through scan. Each case, is first investigated and the first advice is to start, as is usual in natural medicine, with cleansing regime and strengthening the female reproductory organs through the right diet and also avoidance of all fibrous growing tubers.

Also through herbal remedy to correct hormonal imbalances. Preferring to take sour milk instead of heavy diary products. Cases of successful treatments basically with diets have been recorded throughout the world. In cases of lighter growth such as cysts, these growths had disappeared in several cases without herbs. And with fibroids the size had shrunk etc.

Cyst may occur in any organ or part of the body. Other type of cyst may occur as a result of improper development before a birth of a baby, etc. This type of growth generally is benign that is not cancerous. One of the common areas of cyst is the breast. Some men are just prone to this type of growth. From personal experience, if treated at the initial appearance, it can be easily handled and well treated without problem.

This reminds me, women must make sure they check their breast daily by feeling each one of the breast through touch.Newbouldia laevis ogilisi is a tropical plant belonging to the family of Bignoniaceae. It is among the most useful plants in Africa and grows up to 10 m height with a cauliflorous habit. It is an ever greenish plant with a height of approximately 7—8 m high in the west Africa and up to 20 m in Nigeria.

The plant has a characteristics shiny dark green leaves with large purple flowers. Different African countries have different names for Newbouldia laevis e. Newbouldia laevis is usually grown as an ornamental tree and planted by cuttings. It is a very popular plant in the African continent and is highly valuable due to its numerous immense benefits to human race. Some parts of Nigeria commonly regard this tree as the tree of fertility or the tree of life.

The wood is pale brown, durable, evenly textured and hard and it tends to remain alive for a long time even after cutting it. This makes it viable for usage as posts, woodworks, yam stakes, house posts, firewood and bridges. Newbouldia laevis has different symbols and meanings to different countries for example; Some villages in Ivory Coast and Gabon plant the tree near the tombs to act as a protective talisman. The Ibibio and Efik people of Nigeria regard the tree as a symbol of their deities thus they tend to place it in sacred places.

Uterine Stimulant Newbouldia laevis is categorized as an oxytocics which explains why it is effective for inducing labor. This suggests why some traditionalists in the African countries use this leaf to initiate laborfacilitate birth or to protect the young embryo.

Newbouldia laevis can also be used to remove the placenta after delivery. Ghanaians believe that when pregnant women take Newbouldia laevis stem, leaves and bark cooked in palmoil soup will help to ease delivery and promote rich milk supply after delivery. It acts as a painkiller.


Laxative Newbouldia laevis can serve as a laxative. Gastrointestinal Treatment Newbouldia laevis can be used for treating patients suffering from diarrhea and dysentery. Anti-bactericidal Properties Phytochemical screening of the stem bark by Akerele et al. The study revealed that the stem bark of Newbouldia laevis has antibacterial activities.

Oedema Newbouldia laevis bark and roots can be used for treating swellings, and oedema arising through dietary deficiency. Anticancerous Newbouldia laevis contains anti-cancerous properties hence it can be used for treating tumors and cancers. Eye Treatment The leaf extract can be used for both eye and ear treatments. We pledge to keep your email safe. Antidote Newbouldia laevis serves as an antidote for treating venomous stings and bites. Cooking Purposes Newbouldia laevis can be used as firewood for culinary purposes.

The leaves and bark can be prepared as a decoction for treating children suffering from epilepsy and convulsions especially in Ivory Coast and Nigeria. Antibactericidal Newbouldia laevis is antibactericidal in nature thus it can be used as an antibiotic Ornamental and Decoration Some people cultivate the Newbouldia laevis ogilisi plants as an ornamental and decorative plant.Good evening sir,please what can l use for hiccups?

Tabi ki o ma se Eniyan bi o se se sun ekun tan.

use of ewe lapalapa

Please sir what can i use for my face over 12years now av been suffering on milia roree oju. Driveragent Plus Product Key. Thursday, 12 July No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted for resale or use by any party other than the individual purchaser who is the sole authorised user of this information. Purchaser is authorised to use any of the information in this publication for his or her own use only.

All other reproduction, transmission or any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording or by any other informational storage or retrieval system, is prohibited without express written permission from the publisher.

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While all attempts have been made to provide effective, verifiable information in this book, the Author assumes any responsibility for error, inaccuracies, or omissions. If advice concerning business matter is needed, the services of a qualified professional should be sought.

This book is not a source of business information, and it should not be regarded as such. This publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. The Author of the information and the accompanying materials have used his best efforts in preparing the book.

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use of ewe lapalapa

Can you now start being reliant on yourself? If you compare the natural health care products to other products you will learn which one is better rather quickly. Self-help is required to become a leader and advance oneself and change your attitude and how other people feel about you. No one is perfect so everyone can utilize the natural health care products to improve.

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The natural health care products have inspired hundreds of people from around the globe to improve their lives.

use of ewe lapalapa

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